Monday, August 30, 2010

Update August 29

Greetings and blessings this pleasant Saturday afternoon!

We got the Youth Camp report this week. 370 youth attended from 14 churches.

25 young people prayed to get saved during the camp and 63 were filled with the Holy Spirit.

There were also several testimonies of physical healing and 7 young people experienced deliverance of one kind or another.

We have had several communiques from the American consulate here in Guadalajara – warning about danger spots (the drug war.) Hand grenades thrown into crowds of people; now a new tactic (for Mexico) – car bombs.

We were having a planning meal with some team members when one of them mentioned that last week several people were shot down in a gun battle on the avenue in from of the restaurant! We decided to eat and talk fast. (No, just kidding.)

Praying early this morning I was reminded of one of God's titles (Names) – Jehovah Shalom. What a wonderful Name – and assurance. Shalom – security, confidence. Enables us to face today, tomorrow, every day with peace, without fear; free of stress and worry and all anxiety.

The safest place in the world is in the center of His Will.

Our son's father-in-law went to Heaven this week. Gerray, Anita and all the Torres family are in our prayers.

Thank you for your prayers for us and the ministry here. Have a wonderful Lord's Day.

In Him,

Roger & Linda

Isaiah 26.3

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