Sunday, October 4, 2009

Update September 20

Greetings and blessings of grace, mercy and peace.

This past Wednesday we celebrated a special Independence Day service (Sept 16) at the down town Angulo Center. It was a great time...full house...23 people came to the altar to receive Jesus, and then all kinds of delicious Mexican food.

Last Sunday 8 people prayed for salvation. It was a good week. We praise God for His blessings.

Next Sunday Linda and I will be in Mexico City (world's largest city) to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of Carlos Torres' congregation. Carlos is the son of our consuegro Victor Torres. Bro Victor is our son Gerray's father-in-law. We'd appreciate your prayers for that trip and those services.

Good reports continue to come in from the mission church outreaches and Linda's Titus 2 program as well as the daily radio broadcasts. Your prayers are such a vital part of what God is doing in those areas. Thank you for praying.

As you pray, please remember Juan and Rosie...our pastors in the Puerto Vallarta mission. They lost a baby this past week..5 month along in her pregnancy. They nearly lost Rosie, too. He blood pressure went dangerously low, but she is OK now. But the pain of their loss is still fresh.

God bless you. Have a joyful time of worship and the Word in His House today with His people.

In Him,
Roger & Linda

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