Monday, July 20, 2009

Update July 5

Greetings and Rich Blessings,

Here we are, already beginning the second half of 2009!

We are in the Angulo church’s anniversary celebration. 35 years ago Linda and initiated this local church, the first of 8 Centros de Fe (Faith Centers) here in Guadalajara.

Since moving to Guadalajara we have also helped start churches in Tepic, Salamanca, Colima, El Grullo, Autlan, Union de Tula, Zamora, Sahuayo and Ocotlan.

Last week one person received the Lord here at the Angulo church, and one lady was filled with the Holy Spirit. Three people received the Lord at the Tepic mission, too,

I am attaching a little testimony story this week. I hope it blesses somebody.

Thanks for your prayers for us – the churches, the radio ministry and the Bible correspondence courses.

Have a blessed forth of July weekend (God bless America) and a great time worshipping Father in His House tomorrow.

In Him,

Roger & Linda
The Shawl

The notary public lawyer was a man who heard our radio broadcast and began to come by regularly at the end of our midweek meeting to chat. We became good friends, and he eventually prayed for salvation.

He was a man who placed great importance on material things. He drove a fancy car, had a diamond tie clasp, an expensive money clip and was friends with the governor and other important people.

Hermana (Sister) Lupita was a thin, emaciated lady who had a big mountain of problems when she first heard our radio program. She was sickly, her husband an alcoholic, and she owed tons of money.

On top of all that, her only source of income was a small stand where she sold cold cuts – and business was bad!

Hermana Lupita got saved, healed, filled with the Holy Spirit and began to tithe. Her husband also came to the lord and was delivered of alcoholism.

We were in a fund-raising campaign and at the end of a midweek service, as the lawyer and I were chatting, she came up to me and said because se got there late she had missed the offering time. She reached her hand inside the shawl she was wearing, drew out an envelope and handed it to me.

She turned to leave…but then turned back, stuck her hand inside the shawl and bought out another envelope. Her missions offering.

Again, she started to leave, but stopped. Turning once more to us she thrust her hand again inside the shawl and drew out a fat envelope – her contribution to the fund-raiser.

I saw the lawyer eyeing that shawl! I could almost hear him thinking, “How much would she take for it? That’s better than the goose that laid the golden eggs!” And I thought, “Friend, it’s not the shawl. It’s her obedience in tithing and generosity in giving, and God is prospering her just as He promised.

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