Saturday, June 16, 2012

Update June 17

Greetings and Happy Father's Day to all the fathers.
Just a very short email this week. My "mainest" reason for sending them is to remind you to pray for us.
So they don't really have to be too long. Anyhow, I try to keep them as brief as possible.
We had a good, busy week. Linda seems to have a little more endurance, and I believe feels a little better, too.
We're expecting a good time tomorrow at the Father's Day service at church.
I am sending along the June Good News letter (vol 46, number 6.) And a short episode about a surprise wedding we had a number of years ago.
Thanks for your prayers. Have a happy Father's Day and a good time in fellowship with Gd's Family.
In Him,
Roger & Linda 

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