Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update January 16

Greetings and Rich Blessings from Jalisco state, Mexico.

Linda and I just a little while ago got back from an all day trip to the capital city (Tepic) of Nayarit state. Linda helped initiate a Titus 2 course of lessons in our mission church there.

The sessions consist of 2 hours of teaching, a break and then smaller group workshop sessions for an hour.

Some fifty ladies came to the sessions today.

The numbers usually grow as the word gets about about the course. We have some pics below.

3 people prayed for salvation last week here in the Angulo works.

Friday and Saturday Linda and will be ministering in a pastors' conference here in Guadalajara.

Linda is better - able to go more and do more. For that we praise the Lord.

We know your prayers had a lot to do with that, too. Thank you for praying for her, us and the ministry.

Have a special day in His House tomorrow - He is worthy of all our praise, worship and love.

In Him,

Roger & Linda

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