Sunday, July 29, 2007

Update, July 29

Greetings in the Name of Jesus.

We had two wonderful services last Sunday at Sahuayo and at Jiquilpan where Joel and Vickie Flores are pastors. I think about 5 people prayed for salvation in Sahuayo and 3 in Jiquilpan. I also prayed with a recently converted mother who lost her 23 year old son and 19 year old daughter last September when a drunk driver hit them head on. Tragic, but through it she came to know the Lord.

The interesting thing about Pastor Joel (pictured here with us) is that I dedicated him to the Lord whne he was an infant! Now he is pastoring one of our Centers!

While I was away last Sunday two more people received the Lord in our downtown Angulo Center. Praise God.

Linda’s House Project
Well, we haven’t moved, YET. But we are definitely closer!

The bathrooms are finished, and the doors are all in. What’s lacking? Two closet and the driveway. We will start moving boxes next week! We should be in by the end of September! Praise God.

Youth Camp
Please pray for our annual youth camp this coming Thursday through Sunday noon. This camp has been a powerhouse for ministering to the youth of our churches, and for reaching new young people. I am preaching at the camp on Saturday morning. We especially appreciate your prayers for that time, too.

Have a Great Lord's Day
May the Lord pour out His Spirit on His people all over the earth – and may He pour out a double portion on you there.

In Him,
Roger and Linda

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