Sunday, August 5, 2007

Update, August 5

Greetings and blessings in Jesus.

I preached yesterday noon at the youth camp. 350 wild, on fire for God young people and some adults. Their theme this year – A Generation of Valiant Youth.
I don’t have a report on how many saved – but one young man was delivered from deep occult practices. Guadalajara Report Last Sunday, just before service time, a giant ferocious storm hit Guadalajara. Rain swept down in torrents. Streets flooded, trafic halted. Attendance was cut in half.Still, we had a good meeting – and one person gave his heart to the Lord. Trusting for better weather today.

One thing you learn in Mexico is patience! We were moving in July. Well, how about September? Details and details. However, the carport floor is now in…protection on windows and doors come next. Its going to happen! Keep praying, please.

Yes. Keep praying. Your prayers make a BIG difference. We appreciate them!

Have a blessed Lord’s Day there.
Roger & Linda

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