Sunday, June 21, 2009

Update June 21

Greetings and rainy day blessings from west central Mexico!

The rainy season has started here - lots of rain, thunder and lightning and cooled down temperatures! Praise the lord!

A busy week past - including a trip to Mexico City - the world's largest metropolis. Good services, and satsifying results.

2 Received the Lord in the Angulo church Sunday - 2 at the Tepic mission, two at the Fresnos mission and 2 more in Josefina's cell meeting. Maybe more, but those for sure.

The Encounter Retreat bunch just got back. 5 baptised in water and 10 filled with the Holy Spirit, and all excited about what God did in their lives in those 48 hours!

Our 35th anniversary for the Angulo church is upon us...our pastor from Autlan (down south from Guadalajara) reminded me that he got saved at our 3rd anniversary campaign in 1978. Pray with us that many more will get saved in this coming anniversary campaign.

It is truly gratifying to look back across many years and see God's work of grace and power in so many lives. God is so good. What a joy to serve Him.

We are ever cognizant of the fact that the Lord has supplied our needs and kept us on the field all these years through the faithful praying and giving of folk like you - and we are thankful. To Him and to you.

Have a blessed and joy filled week ahead serving others in His Name.

Roger & Linda

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