Monday, August 4, 2008

Update August 3

Greetings to you on our eldest's 50th birthday! How did he get that age so fast?

Just a few lines this week. We had a good week with the brothers from Oklahoma last week. Were in meetings each night - took them to minister in three churches Sunday in three cities...all part of greater Guadalajara.

Mainly I need you to pray for the youth camp that starts this Thursday. This is always a high spot in the year for the young people...I will be ministering to them Saturday noon.

We had one person pray for salvation Sunday - pray with us that we'll have more this week. So MANY yet to be reached!

Have a wonderful Lord's Day in His House with some of His children! There's a few odd ones,but most of them are quite lovable! ;-)

Thanks for praying - Oh. And for our daily radio program airing again here in Guadalajara.

In Him,

Roger & Linda

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