Sunday, February 24, 2008

Update - February 17

Greetings and blessings this beautiful Lord's Day.

Had a good meeting last night at "El Ejido" out at Sn Isidro with Pastor Chano and the people. We planted that church in 1967. They are going good. Some great testimonies across the years.

One - they were praying for a demon possessed girl who was tranquilized because she was so violent. They prayed and then left. The pastor had been served a cup of coffee while they were ministering. He drank about half, and left the other in the room. After a bit the girl came to, saw the coffee and drank it. When they went back to check on her, she was delivered...permanently. How about that?

I look forward to 2 great meetings today - here in Monterrey and again at San Isidro this evening. Thanks for your prayers.

Linda's pajama party with her ladies was great. And they "cleaned the kitchen!" I mean- ate all the food! It was a good time for all. Bible study, prayer and fellowship.

Have a glorious day in the Lord's House with His people today.

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